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    fixing up crashed saddle - what to use?

    I have a Fizik saddle which is missing some skin after a crash ... what do you use to keep it from getting worse? I"m thinking RTV silicone, but is there a better option? I have about a 2" long and 1/4" high scar on the saddle, and it's showing the insides ... duct tape?


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    send it to this dude...

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    I've used guick-setting epoxy. Spread it thinly, it will make a tough, smooth (shiny) flexible layer.It won't be invisible, but it will function and keep it from falling apart further. You can add another coat if necessary. Silicone would be rubbery and make excessive friction, I suspect.
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    I use dollar bills and just replace them.

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    I've seen a couple of videos on DIY saddle recovering but don't have a link handy.

    Try a local upholstery shop and get a one-of-a-kind custom job. Tons of leather and vinyl options.
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    How to recover an old bicycle seat

    I recently recovered a Fizik Arione using most of the above technique. As a point of reference there are no staples on the Arione just glue. The underside looks a little funky. The leather I used was a little on the thick side so it didn't fold quite right, but from the top and sides it looks just fine. You should use the old cover as a pattern and cut the new one about 1/2" big and trim once glued - especially on the nose.

    Its held up for about 500 miles so far and was certainly cheaper than a new saddle.

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    I'll second Jason recovered 2 saddles for me a few years ago and they're holding up just wonderfully.

    I took the opportunity to color coordinate my saddles and now I'm more pimped than ever!

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