Hi all,

Just joined the forum and after searching the archives looking for an answer I am still at a loss. But I made a phone call to FSA and I think I have found the answer I was looking for and I thought I would share.

A lot has been written about the new compact cranksets and I'm about to buy one. I just swapped out my Ultegra triple for my Ultegra double because I like the smoother shifting and but I still want a lower gear so I can climb and spin.

I called FSA and asked if there was any difference (besides weight) between the Energy Compact and the Carbon. They said NO. They said the Energy might be a hair more stiff but you wouldn't notice it in the real world. We both agreed that the carbon set looked much cooler but we also agreed that if you only had $150 to spend on a compact crank that you wouldn't notice any performance degredation by running the Energy as opposed to the Carbon. The carbon is about 75g lighter but when you weight 219 #s 75g doesn't really factor into the equation.

I hope this helps anyone who is one the fence. Since I'm on a budget right now I'll be ordering the Energy compact - Octalink version. Found it at bikeman.com (someone on this Forum pointed me in that direction) for $135 plus shipping.

So, anybody out there have any real world experiences comparing the two cranksets?