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    Fulcrum Racing Torq RRS vs SRAM Red Crankset

    I just switched out my SRAM Red crankset for the new Fulcrum Racing Torq RRS crankset so I thought I'd share my experience with anyone interested.

    Objective: Increase stiffness and lose a little weight in the drivetrain.

    Tech: Both cranksets utilize multi-directional hollow tech crank arms with outboard bottom bracket cups using high grade ceramic berrings. The new Fulcrum RRS crankset is the same spec as the the 09 Campy Super Record Ultra Torque with CULT Technology ceramic bearings. Both cranks include high efficiency Hard-Ox anodisation treatment for the chainrings. I opted for the Campy Super Record BB cups because they are hard anodized which give them a nice steathy black finish.

    Weight: (Crankset & BB cups/berrings)
    SRAM Red - Claimed: 756 grams / Actual: 757 grams (175mm)
    Fulcrum RRS - Claimed: 696 grams / Actual: 694 grams (175mm)

    Results: Noticably stiffer, lighter (-63grams) with smooth shifting from ring to ring.
    Pix below.

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    I just made that swap myself as well. Primarily I was looking for more ankle clearance.

    I dig my fulcrum cranks, fo sho

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    I've ridden both crank systems myself (at least to a certain degree with the carbon Campy Chorus being my crank). The weight difference between the two products is dismissable.

    What are the big differences I've discovered, and I went from Campy to Red, are the following:

    1- Fulcrum (Campy) has exceptional methods of making more out of less. i.e.-the amount of material in which they use to fabricate their chain rings. Campy's process on their kit level produces an exceptional 1-2 shift at the crank without having to use over built rings. (For some reason I can't find the aluminum grade for Campy's rings in their 2011 catalog...AL7075?)

    2- Fulcrum/Campy's Ultra Torque is the benchmark of all bb systems. The way the driveside bearing is located via C-clip and union'd via Hurth Joint distributes the load of the drive-system, nicely and spins smoothly from first install without the 'drag of bearing seals' excuse. You'll be hard pressed to ever have to extract your Fulcrum Ultra-Torque bb (aside from annual bb cup re-lubing) due to creaking from normal use; assuming you've properly torqued its hardware from first install.

    I do love the rest of the Red groupo though and going into next year's race season, will more than likely make the switch to the Fulcrum crank or an FSA-SLK. Red is a fantastic kit, the crank is what you pay for when your only chasing over grams for the entire groupo.

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    yes the Campy/Fulcrum cranks are a hair lighter, but the SRAM Red cranks are stiffer. See here:

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    Re: Crank test, consider all parameters

    If you look at the numbers the stiffness is comparable within tenths or hundredths of a millimetre.
    A difference which could be negated by normal manufacturing variations. The weight differential is far more significant than a "hair", especially at this price level.
    Also note that the testers considered Campagnolo shifting superior.

    Disclaimer, I use Shimano, and have no Campagnolo or SRAM on any of my bikes.

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    Just saying this review is based on actual deflection #'s & not "how it feels". I own a set of campy UT carbon cranks & they r nice. I just disagree that they are stiffer than Sram red

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    Not to knock Jason's work, because I think he did a great job, but most people who have ridden both agree the Campy/Fulcrums are stiffer overall. It's important to note that his test measures deflection at the crank arm, but where I find the Red cranks lacking is the stiffness at the spider. Under hard efforts you can actually see it bend slightly outward, and this is exacerbated by their stock rings which are not very stiff either. Using the SPD or TT rings improves the problem, but they still never feel as responsive as some other designs out there.

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    Sram Red crank - 53 grams heavier.

    Fulcrum RRS crank - Around $300 heavier.
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