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    Grease gun for CK injector tool

    Where can one get a grease gun w/ zerk fitting for the Chris King injector tool? I have found grease guns already with their grease included, but what I would like to do is use my own grease since I have a giant tub of Rock n Roll grease handy. I can't find a grease gun that I can load myself.. Any suggestions

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    Just use a syringe?

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    Local hardware stores usually have the small grease gun with a few cartridges of grease but I don't think anything is preloaded in the gun and can't be removed. Just put your own grease in. Figure it out.
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    Autozone sells a $5 grease gun that takes cartridges but will take hand packed grease if you spoon it in and carefully compress. I had the same question as you and it worked with the CK tool. It does take a little force to fit the tool on but not excessive.

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    any "standard" grease gun with fit the zerk on the CK tool. So -- auto parts store, hardware store, even a feed store / farm supply will have what you need. There are a few online cycling retailers that carry a grease gun that will work, but you'll pay a premium because in the cycling world, that's a "specialty tool". So just step outside the world of cycling, and you'll find what you need easily (and inexpensively).

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