Not a cosmetic question, but a functional one. I have 2 sets of Time Impacts, the 'S' model and the 'Mag' model. Both work fine and have about equal mileage on them over the last year or so (about 3500 miles each set give or take a few). The aluminum 'S' pedals still look very nice, but the paint quality on the Mags is terrible - they look like they are many years old, but that's not the real issue. I know from other accounts that I am not alone - the paint on these pedals is very poor.

Most importantly, in the platform area it looks like the raw magnesium is exposed. It appears to be very porous. It's on probably the thickest part of the pedal body, but having read how easily magnesium corrodes, I'm somewhat concerned about the durability of the pedal.

So, does anyone here have any experience in getting a magnesium component re-painted/re-sealed? It looks like it wouldn't be too terribly hard to strip down the pedal body, the only bugger would be getting the tension spring out of the body.

I sent Time USA an email and have received no response yet. I've corresponded with them in the past and usually they are quick to reply. So, in the meantime, figured I'd see what advice or opinions are out here...