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    How to properly center align Look Keo cleats?

    I just switched to Look Keo pedals (from Dura Ace, not that that matters). I never had any trouble whatsoever previously, but riding the Keos for the first time, I had the slight sensation in one knee that the center alignment between show and cleat was off a bit. The only method I know (for any pedal) is by sight. The Keos are a bit tougher in that the washers are ovalized which makes aligning by sight a bit trickier. And my shoes are a bit worn, so the guide lines on the bottom are barely visible. Any tips on how to ensure my cleats are center aligned with my shoes? Thanks!

    (I realize that the perfect fit may not be to have them perfectly aligned, but I want to start with that first)

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    I ride Keos, and it's just trial & error. I put them on so they look straight, tighten them down (only a little), then ride for awhile. If they're not quite right, I loosen them up & tweak'em a little. Ride some more. Actually, this problem only arises when I buy new shoes. Once I get'em right for me, I take a scribe, like an awl, and scratch a line around each cleat. That way when the cleat wears out, it's easy to duplicate exactly.

    BTW, I really like the Keos, but tere are 2 drawbacks.
    1. They are VERY slippery to walk on.
    2. They wear quickly.

    A pair of rubber cleat covers easily solves both problems. They only cost a couple of bucks.
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