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    IRD Mosaic C vs. FSA SL-K Compact??

    Hi all,

    I am thinking about making a switch to a compact crank, and am currently running Shimano stuff. One option for me is the IRD Mosaic C, since it is compatible w/ Octalink, I can keep my BB. Or, I was thinking about the FSA SL-K Compact w/ integrated MegaExo BB.

    Does anyone have any opinion/experience regarding either?

    Thx in advance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    they're both made in the same factory...

    so the quality is the same. if you want to save money, you know what to do. if you think the new mega outboard exo bb is too cool to miss out on, then you also know what to do. i kinda think the new bb is pretty spiffy, so you know what i'd do...

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    They're all from Bung Fu Metal Fabrication!

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    That's interesting. So since they're technically the same crank +/- the MegaExo BB, price difference (~$100) and cool-factor aside, would you say that the MegaExo BB is stiffer or less so than a traditional Crank+separate BB setup?

    So for example, would the SL-K w/ MegaExo be stiff than say the Elite Team Compact + a Platinum Pro Ti ISIS?

    Thx in advance!


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    You should be able to find an fsa carbon compact with octalink pretty cheap right now, since its last years model.

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