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    Keo Classic Maintenance

    The bearings on my Keo Classic pedals are beginning to grind and not spin very freely. Is this something that I can fix myself, or are the pedals not user-serviceable? If I am not able to do it, will my LBS be able to handle it, or will I have to ship the pedals to Look? Thanks.

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    keo classic and keo sprint need a special Look adapter bolt to unscrew the spindle. It's the same adapter of the old look delta and rather hard to find. You could try and use a clamp with a cloth to prevent damaging the teeth. Beware that one pedal, I guess the left one, needs to be unscrewed the opposite way.

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    Chris will send you new axels and the removal tool.

    I just overhauled mine.

    Originally Posted by morkm
    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but has anyone done an overhaul on their Keo's?

    I've an older pair of Carbon Ti Keo's that have well over 10,000 hard miles on them and would like to at least take them apart and relube. I've done a lube job on Shimano SPD pedals in the past and found it pretty straightforward, so long as one has the correct tool for taking the pedal apart. Anyone have info or a source of info on opening up a Keo...what tools and where to get and if a bearing replacement is logical or just a relube.


    I wrote LOOK asking them if there was a manuel available for maintaining my Keo Sprint pedals, this was there response:

    Thank you for the email.

    Unfortunately there is not an exact manual for maintaining pedals. That
    being said, I have my own recommendations.

    Once a year pull the axles out of the body of the pedals by unscrewing them.
    Clean the axle off, removing all the grease with a shop rag. Clean the
    inside of the pedal body off as well. A Qtip works best here.

    Apply new grease, to the axle and screw the axle back into the body (5nm).

    Spin them around for a while in your hand or on the bike to work the grease
    in the pedal body.

    Should be good as new.

    Christopher Wehan
    LOOK Cycle USA
    Inside Sales Representative
    Phone 866 430 5665 x111
    Fax 408 363 8563

    They even sent me an adapter to unscrew the pedal bodies, Great Customer Service
    I do my best work downhill, with a tailwind, and in the draft.

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