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    Need a better replacement for Vetta V-100

    After many years of cycling without the benefit of a computer, 2 years ago I purchased a wireless Vetta V-100 cycle computer w/cadence. I immediately realized how short-sighted I had been to not take advantage of this great technology. The cadence feature has been especially helpful in keeping me honest in riding and training. I selected this computer on the recommendation of the owner of the local bike shop. I like the fact that it is wireless and clean on the bike as well as the two bike feature which allows me to transfer it from my road to mountain bike.
    Here's the problem: The cadence feature has always been very problematic and the speed/distance does not work when it is cold. I live in south-east Idaho (probably the coldest part of the state) and as a result much of the year is cold weather riding. The local dealer and I have been through the trouble shooting over and over again. We have changed batteries frequently (both sensors and headset), replaced the sensors, and adjusted their placement endlessly. At the moment, this computer is reading speed indoors on the rollers and not reading cadence at all. I have e-mailed Vetta's customer service and never received a response. At this point, I would like to get rid of this computer and get one that actually works. I would be grateful for any help or advice. Here are my criteria:
    1. prefer wireless, but willing to consider wired
    2. must have cadence
    3. Must work well in cold weather!
    thanks again, Dave

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    I agree with you re Vetta V100 wireless, it is junk

    I had Vetta V100 wireless (twice!) and both were total junk. The first one was replaced under warranty after a 1-2 months and the second one worked just on and off in normal weather. So, I junked it. My shop no longer sells wireless Vetta V100. And in fact my shop owner recommends *wired* cycling computers if you want reliability of operation.

    I have had 2 of Echowell Echo F-2 computers with cadence (wired) on two of my road bikes. They work well (~3 years now) but I never used them in anything colder that +5C (not sure what this is +40F?). Also it does not like rain as water hits contacts after 20-30min but once it dries it start to work again.

    Also Echo-F2 allows you to mount speed sensor on rear wheel so you can use it on trainer indoors.

    Another one recommended is CatEye Astrale-8 (also wired, cadence), also allows sensor on rear wheel.

    If you have to buy Vetta then try Vetta RT77 (wired, cadence) - it may work. I have it right now on a new bike that I picked up last week but I have not used it yet. Vetta RT77 has very mixed reviews (see this web site for reviews) so I am weary of it. I hope that if you do buy the latest model Vetta RT77 then perhaps it may work. It only allows speed sensor on front wheel so no use for indoor trainer (apart from cadence).

    I have a couple of friends who say Sigma and Polar are good for wireless based on their experience. I treat wireless cycle computers with suspicion now, unless you are prepared to pay for the very top end (2-3 times wired price?) and frankly I would rather have the wires and buy a brand new computer every 2 years, it would be still cheaper.

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    I used a Cateye Astrale 8 (wired for speed and cadence) for several years, but recently went wireless. I first bought a Cateye CD300 dual wireless - it was difficult to set up, finicky to use, and wouldn't read when my Dinotte light was on. It's now sitting in a box while I decide whether to E-Bay it.

    I'm now using a VDO C3 DS. It has none of the problems I experienced with the Cateye, but occasionally loses the signal from the sensors for 5-10 seconds. Other users report lots of problems with the VDO in the cold. I'll stick with it as long as it works reliably. If it starts acting up, I'm going back to the Astrale 8. At $30 from Performance, the Astrale 8 is a darn good deal.

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