new old frame, new things to learn in building it up. This time around, the rear dropout screw holes need attention. One hole is blocked up with something, perhaps a broken off screw? the other doesn't seem to fit the drop out adjuster screws I ordered from Framebuilder. the purchased scews are too big, going in slightly only to seize up quickly. The dropouts are Campagnolo, so I ordered in some campy replacement screws just to be sure there isn't a size discrepancy. Framebuilder website doesn't specify the size, and haven't heard back yet. I figured these screws were a standard M3 x .5 screw... but I wouldn't be surprised if these campy dropouts are different.

Either way, I'm going to have to tap the one drop out to clear the hole. I would really like to hear about experiences and advice on such a project. Seems simple enough, but I've learned the hard way to ask first. Would like to be able to install the adjuster screws to dial in wheel position. but, if it's a difficult procedure and potential bag of problems, I'll just deal with no adjuster screws.

thanks in advance for any help!