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    Only 5 steps on SIS 8 spd barend shifter

    Doing a rebuild of a Trek 520 for a daughter to use. I had everything reassembled and tested and it seemed to be fine, but during a family went ride daughter says the rear derailleur is slipping. Looking more closely at the shift I see that I hadn't fitted the the lever housing to the barend base completely right. I rotated the squared spacer so the lever housing fit properly. It seemed to fit correctly in only one of the 4 possible orientations of the squared spacer. The shifting in that position is rvisp and holds, but now there are lony 5 steps (or non-indexed range for 5 speeds), rather than the 8.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there another orientation for the squared spacer??


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    I'm assuming you're talking about the spacer 2 on the drawing. My arrow points to the small flat area inside the ring which needs to face down as shown. When you screw the lever unit on, make sure it's set to also face down as shown (in other words, lever clicked to the smallest cog position, then the unit rotated until the lever points to the ground.).

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    Thank you Wim! I'll give it a try.

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