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    Pedals: Keywin v. Coombe v. Time Impact

    I have been riding SPDs, and am considering Time Impact Mag Ti pedals for my new bike. I like the adjustability of the Impacts over the SPD-SLs, but don't like the fact that they tend to cosmetically wear quickly (at least the 2004 model uses recessed, rather than screened, lettering in the cleat attachment area).

    Considering the weight and price of the Times, I am also considering Keywins and Coombes. The Coombes has good reviews, and will probably look the best for the longest (although I care more about function, I hate for a $200+ component to look horrible after a single season). Based on the reviews, I'm comfortable trying Coombe over Time.

    Now the wildcard: Keywin. No reviews on this site. A few reviews elsewhere cite a low stack height, but no hard data (it looks larger than Coombes). Additionally, they appear to be more complex, so I'm still leaning towards Coombe. And, even though I'd prefer power transfer over cosmetics, Coombes look nicer. But has anyone compared Keywin to Coombe? For that matter, given that Coombe has an older design, has the Impact surpassed it?

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    I have been riding Keywins for over ten years and would never think about changing them. I have never ever pulled out of them (unlike Looks), they are one of the lightest pedals on the market, and the pedals AND cleats last forever. I get 2+ seasons out of the cleats and the only thing I have changed on the older pair of pedals that I own is the small catch in the middle and one of the sidecaps that fits over spindle. The only downside is that they are so light that the back doesn't drop down when you stop. This is only a downside in crits with a fast start and you NEED to get into the pedal as soon as possible without looking down.

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    Get the keywins

    3 years and no complaints

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    Does Puffy release the Coombes under the Sean John label or the Coombes name. I knew he was rapper, actor and a clothing designer but I had no idea he was into cycling equipment.
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    2nd the Keywins

    Used them for 5 years now and prefer them over looks, spds and speed plays, and I agree with other replies about advantages/disadvantages of keywins.
    Another plus is that they have a much wider area of contact between the cleat and the peddle than anything else I've seen so far.

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