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    Quarq or SRM powermeter for Campy 11

    Good day all.

    I am looking for some help on this issue - I am presently a powertap user but am in the process of ordering a new bike with a BB30 bottom bracket and Campagnolo Chorus 11-speed. I have read both Quarq's and SRM's websites many times but am still confused on the available power meter options for Campy 11spd and a BB30 bike.

    Is someone using this combination already ?

    I have called them both and they tried to help me which I appreciated, but I am looking for some real world experience or advice on the topic.

    I am leaning towards getting the Quarq SRAM S975 BB30 crankset to use with the Campy 11 but then I read something about front derailleur shifting issues with non-Campy cranksets and 11spd.

    Can someone help ?

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    I've used both quarq and SRM with Campy 11 without shifting issues, though not with BB30. I've used stronglight rings with both, others have reported that other 10 speed rings also work well including shimano. Another option though not the cheapest solution is the Cannondale SiSL SRM that I believe will soon be available with the Campy 135bcd allowing you to run Campy 11 speed rings.

    I like the Stronglight CT2 11 speed rings though, they look about like the Campy 11 ones, are light, shift well and come in several different bcd's. They are also quite a bit cheaper than buying Campy rings.

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    where did you get the rings from ?

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    xxcycle in France

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    did you get the normal or the "Type D" version ?
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