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    Selcof Seatpost Questions

    Hello folks, I have a few questions about Selcof brand road seatposts.

    First, has anyone had slippage issues when using a carbon pillar Selcof post in a carbon frame such as Look? Second, how would you rate this brand of seatpost for setback, adjustability and durability? Is this a road seatpost I'll have to replace every other year or are they pretty well made and durable, I'm looking at the carbon model with the aluminum head/clamp which retails for about $150.

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    good post...

    The Selcof and ITM Millennium are quite similar. I've used the ITM several times with no problems. A carbon post should not require frequent replacement. The setback is about 5mm more than a typical Campy or shimano post. The front bolt does require an 8mm open-end wrench, not a hex wrench to tighten it.

    As for working with a LOOK frame, it should be fine, whether the frame uses the older internal clamping device or the newer external clamp.

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    I have a Selcof Monocoque carbon. Came on my DeRosa. You don't have to re-adjust the tilt to take the saddle off, just let loose the back bolt and the front stays there. Strong clamping system doesn't require a lot of torque on the bolts.

    Monocoque design is very strong. I've heard reports of AL de-bonding from the carbon tube in early designs, but I won't have that problem.

    I did an endo at 50km/h and bent a Flite Ti saddle (rails..completely trashed) and the post suffered no ill effects. Tough stuff!

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    Spunot , can you go in more detail please? I have the same problem, it looks to me that you have to remove the front bolt too in order to remove the upper part of the clamp and then remove the seat , thanks

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