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    Shimano 9000 set up for 10sp

    I'm not if sure this has been posted already but wanted to share that I have set up my ride using Shimano 9000 11sp mechanical for 10 speed use.

    Reason - I have several wheelsets that are 10sp and did not want to incur the additional expense for hub body replacement and in one case complete incompatibility.

    The outcome is basically the same as any 11sp set up sans one less gear option and having to decide where to set the "11th shift" since there are only 10 gears(shifts).

    There is a trick that is important to do and that is you MUST remove the smallest cog and lock ring and replace it with a size larger lock ring. In my case and likely most cases that would be removing the 11t cog and the 11t lock ring and replacing it with a 12t lock ring.

    For spacers I ended up only having to use 1 standard spacer but its possible you might need to use two.

    The RD must be set obviously to limit the shifting to the modified 11sp(now 10sp) cassette. This means appropriately adjusting the limit screws. Now as to the "11th shift" you need to decide if the extra shift should be in the high side gear or low side gear. I chose low side gear which essentially makes me shift twice to get out of the lowest geared(big) cog. I don't have a problem doing this since I rarely ride that gear anyway......and the ghost shift on that side can be avoided if I know that if I'm already in the lowest gear not to push it to the end.

    I'm pleased with the results. I know I lose a gear and have the potential inconvenience of the non shifting shift action but for the awesome front shifting and brakes to me the compromise was well worth it.
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    Interesting. I am saving up for the 9000 group. The hub issue is something I know about but had forgotten about in my quest. Glad you pointed that out. 9000 is a beautiful group. Also glad to know that if I don't have a wheelset with 11 speed compatible hubs by the time I get my gruppo, I can still use it on my current 10 speed set up. That will give me time to save up for the 11 speed wheelset. Thanks for the head's up!!

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    Shimano 9000 set up for 10sp

    I did this a few months ago (described in a separate post). It is a viable way to bridge the gap until you find a suitable wheel/free hub / cassette combo. I have about 700 km on mine so far and the performance has been flawless..

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