Hi Folks,

I added the EW-WU111 Bluetooth module to my Di2 setup this weekend and everything went swimmingly until the firmware update failed (probably crappy WiFi signal in the garage....).

So now my E-tube software on my iPad is showing me just the battery and the right shifter and scarier than that, the red and green lights on my junction box are flashing randomly, like you would expect to see if there was a short. I thought Id somehow managed to fry my Di2.

After doing a bit of digging, I found several posts where people with similar issues complained that the wire connections would sometimes cause trouble. I had no good reason to think that was the issue here, but WTF...why not...so I unplugged & re plugged the left shifter and had a look to see if anything was better in E-tube. The lights on my junction box were still flashing weirdly, but sure enough, my left shifter was now visible.

So I unplugged the front & rear derailleurs and plugged them back in and presto! No more flashy lights! I had another look in E-tube and both derailleurs were now showing!

I moved my bike closer to the WiFi signal and re-installed the Bluetooth module and the firmware update went fine this time.

So I make no claim to technical expertise here. I just blundered into a fix. And since I wasnt able to find anything on this specific subject, I figured Id share.

Im not sure what I was accomplishing with the unplug/re-plug. Maybe resetting the connection back to the battery?

Anyway, I hope this saves someone the 3 hours of stress it cost me.