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    Specialized Allez Epic rebuild

    My friend's Epic was in a state of poor tune and last year the chain dropped off the rear, bending the 7 speed Dura Ace derailleur. Fortunately the derailleur hanger was spared any damage. I've measured and all the vitals still line up. However I need to find a replacement derailleur. The bike has been cobbled together over the years so it needs a new drivetrain. Right now it's a mix of Shimano 600, Sora, and Dura Ace. I intend to keep the Dura Ace 39-53 cranks & front derailleur, and Mavic Open 4 CD rims w/ 600 hubs. I'm on the fence about the 7 speed 13t-21t cassette. Perfectly functional but I'd like a wider range. So here's the question: Without breaking the bank, what are some good options for this rebuild?

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    Ebay. Dura Ace for 65.00 buy it now. "break the bank" is kinda vague.
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    The biggest factor is how much money you want to spend.
    If it is 7-speed it must be what, 20 years old?

    An 8-speed or higher cassette won't fit on that hub.
    Amazon still sells some 7-speed cassettes: 7-speed cassette - Cycling: Sports & Outdoors

    MicroShift makes new 7-speed shift/brake levers if you need those or to upgrade downtube shifters. Most Shimano derailleurs will work as will MicroShift and some Sram.
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    As far as I can remember, older (can't remember the exact year) Dura-Ace rear derailleurs were odd ducks in that they required less cable pull per shift than any other Shimano derailleur. So depending on the shifters you're using, you may not want / need to get another old Dura-Ace derailleur to replace the one that's broken.

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    Specialized Allez Epic rebuild

    Yes, older dura ace will not work with current stuff.

    I have a epic allez from 1991 and it's running 130 spacing. I have had no issues over five years and I'm a big boy.

    No real options unless you upgrade to 130 mm rear wheels


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