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    speedplay zeros vs time rxs carbon

    I am currently riding speedplay zero stainless pedals and am considering switching to the time rxs carbon. My speedplays are worn on the pedal body and there is a lot of lateral rocking, even with new cleats. Anyone have experience with the rxs models? I am looking for a more solid feel (less rocking) while still having some float. Or does anyone have a suggestion for a solid feeling high performance pedal with a decent amount of float?

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    I was in the EXACT same position few years ago. My speedplay's were worn and rocking and were giving me knee pain. I wasn't sure if the knee pain was caused more from the free float or the rocking; at any rate, I wanted a change.

    I got the Time RXS Carbons and they are wonderful! They feel very solid laterally and I feel much more stable on the wide platform. The float is extremely smooth on the Time's; the spring does apply a very small centering force on the cleat when off-center, but it is so small as to hardly notice. The end result is, in my mind, perfect float.

    The cleats wear great. I have 2 years and around 3,500 miles on mine and the cleat has hardly worn at all. The points that hit the ground when you walk don't affect how they engage and the float feel.

    Negatives - they are harder to get into. Much harder at first, but with some practice you will engage them almost as fast as your speedplay's.

    Bikesport Michigan's website has a review with lots of good pictures.

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    I agree with Bikesport Michigan's assessment of the walkability of Time's cafe cleat. I have older Time Impacts but the cleats are essentially the same. In fact you can use current RXS cleats with Impacts. Superior walking. Better than any other system I've tried.
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    I have spent the last 4 years on them. I like them quite a bit, but I find the engagement less than positive feeling. Sometimes you don't know if you are clipped in or not because they don't always give you a "clicking" feedback. That is my only concern with them. They also knew it was an issue, thus the iClic pedal for next year. Saw it at interbike, looks good. Will be making the switch as soon as they are available. Not sure if the float will be the same on them though.

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    Great review of the Time. It made we want to buy a pair. If only my Campy pedals would wear out....
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    Nice write-up...motivates me to look into the RXS pedals. Thanks!

    I've been on the Zero's for almost 3 years now. No complaints yet there are some aspects I would like to explore as far as the interface and pedal wear as well.

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    I have been on X2's since 1996 and Zeros for a year.
    Very happy with the Zeros and their adjustable Float.
    Easy maintenance and durable.
    Easy in and out.
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