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    Sram Red '12 cheaper on 22 release?

    Hi, thinking about getting Sram Red, but do you think the price will drop when 22 is released in june?

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    Wondering what others think as well. Price for '11 on Wiggle is looking nice. Red '12 a bit higher than I'd like to spend. A little price pressure from the 22 series, or is SRAM not expecting to have surplus inventory?

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    The12" has the new Red set up, Yaw FD, more quiet shifting. RBA stated it was the state if the art in 20 speeds but critizised them for not having 22 speeds.

    That being said the 11" version had several issues people didn't like. A not so great FD being the main one. Loud shifting from the powerdome cassette. etc.

    I certainly hope the price is going down, would love to get a grreat deal on the 12" or 13"

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