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Thread: Stem question

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    Stem question

    I want to change the stem out on my wife's bike to one that has a steep 25 to 30 degree angle. Hoping this will help with some comfort issues she is having. Her current stem is 80mm long but to keep the same reach should the steeper angle stem also be an 80mm or do I need to go longer? In my head I think if I get the same length then the reach will be shorter as well as the bars higher. Just don't if I am right though.

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    Stem question

    It will be shorter reach, you should go for 90 I presumes.

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    Just do a google search for online stem calculator... you can compare two stem lengths and angles that way. You're probably going with a 100mm if the current stem has little or no bend.

    I had an 80mm stem at a steep 40degree bend on my touring bike but it was a bit too short (effectively) for good steering. The best replacement for me, to keep the same height was a 100mm/25degree stem. I found a good deal on a Salsa stem that was only 90mm (@25degrees) and honestly don't think that another 7mm (effective) up/down/near/far would have made a huge difference. More important to get in the ball park unless you have an exact fit figured out.

    Amazon has Avenir stems for $20 with 90mm or 100mm and 25degree. The Salsa's run about $60. RavX used to make a highrise stem.

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    Stem calculator.

    Or this calculator.

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