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    Sugino Crank questions

    Well I need to put new chainrings on a Sugino triple crank. Sugino says this crank is for 7 & 8 speeds, but the only chainrings I can find are Sugino and Salsa. Both of these do not have ramps and pins, so the shifting is not the best. Doable, but wondering if I could do better.
    So my questions are, can I put 10 speed chainrings on this crank? If I can, will this shift okay with an eight speed drive train? Also, I am guessing I will need a 10 speed chain, or would it be better to try and get spacers instead and use the 8 speed chain. That is if I can even put 10 speed rings on this crank.

    Thanks. This is for a mountain bike and the cranks have 110/74 BCD and I am looking for a 28, 38 and a 50 tooth rings.

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    I changed out the 2 largest rings on my Sugino triple (running a 7 sp. freewheel) and found no major difference in shifting up front from the original pinned/ramped rings to the new plain rings.This is with friction/bar end shifters and an 8sp chain.

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    as long as the BCD is right then I'd give it a go, no need to go to a 10 speed chain. but if it is a problem use some some shims behind the chainring.

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