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    Torque wrench...Giustaforza or Computorq 3?

    Has anyone had any experience with either (or both) the Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza or the J H Williams Computorq 3?

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    Thumbs up Giustaforza

    I've got the Giustaforza. I do not have the other, so I cannot compare. I don't build bikes from the frame-up or do much for major maintenance - I use the torque wrench primarily for the stem, seatpost, and other relatively low torque items. It's extremely easy to use and is compact - I take it with me when I travel with my bike and in my jersey pocket if I am tweaking seatpost height. I have not tried to calibrate it, but nothing's broken or slipped yet, so I would guess it's fairly accurate. It also seems well-built - I've dropped it a few times and it has held up well. It's got a good feel in hand - part of the handle is textured, and there is a good solid click when the torque has been reached. The gauge is easy to use and is graduated in 1/2 NM increments.

    The downside on this tool would be the inability to use it for bigger bit/higher torque items, and, of course, cost. On the totally irrelevant side, it's the sexiest bike tool I own, right next to my almost obsolete Campy 10 chain tool.

    For a simpleton like me where almost everything seems to be a 4mm hex and 5NM torque, a Ritchey Torque Key at $20 probably would have been adequate 90% of the time.

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