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    Tubular maintenace, how difficult

    I been wanting to pull the trigger on some new deeper aero rims for a while now.

    Thinking of getting some tubulars 60 mm rims. They are so much lighter than the clinchers, but my question is....

    How difficult is the maintenance on tubulars?



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    Maintenance? Once they're glue, inflate them. Done. They really aren't any different than a clincher...If you don't wear the tires out in one season, they may need to be re-glued before the next season. Or if you're not racing, don't worry about it. Ride 'em.
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    Some people seem to have luck with tubulars, and others not so much. I know people here in Toronto who claim 2 years of flat free riding, whereas yours truly is lucky to get 2 rides before a puncture. And let me tell you they are a total PITA to replace on the road. Currently I am giving my only tubulars a last chance. Emptied a bottle of Stans sealant between the two. The next time these things leave me stranded will be the last.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajost View Post
    Thinking of getting some tubulars 60 mm rims. They are so much lighter than the clinchers, but my question is....

    How difficult is the maintenance on tubulars?
    Maintenance is not the right term but you are probably asking how much of a PITA they are compared to clinchers. bikerjulio gave you the PITA story that sometimes happens. In principle they are no more flat prone than an equivalent clincher and lots of people now use some sort of sealant to help that.

    No one can tell you whether you will like them or not. Some people rave about "the ride" and others insist you couldn't tell the difference in a blind test (again, equivalent tires - no fair comparing $100 tubulars with $40 clinchers). My own biased opinion is that I rode tubulars for 30 years and didn't really have any problems. I switched to clinchers 15 years ago and never looked back. YMMV.

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    Deep aero tubular rims are great if you are racing and you plan, and are able, to break away and ride solo to the finish like. If they are for JRA, not so much.
    I never use tubulars for training.....Only for racing.
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    I've been riding them since I was 18 with no issues. Maybe I'm one of those luck ones, but I rarely flat. If you get the hang of pulling one off on the side of the road they are no slower to change than a clincher. Only drawback is you need to carry a spare with you at all times.

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    I carry a can of Vittoria Pit Stop in addition to a spare tire. If it is just a thorn or small hole, the pit stop will work.
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    Do you do any maintenance yourself?
    I ride both Tubular and Clincher, I picked up a nice chunk of glass in my rear tubular this am (first in a year). Pulling the bad tire off and putting on the spare was not a problem. I washed and degreased the rear wheel, pulled the spare tire off the rim about an hour ago and it had bonded fairly well for a field install. New tire is being glued up in the this time until I patch the bad one (at my leisure). Comes down to how handy you are and what you like to do. YMMV

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