Hi all,
I'm extremely new to road cycling, in fact I don't own a road bike yet. A friend has offered me his old Fuji Arcardia for a case of good beer. I'd be using it for triathlons, which I'm not even sure I'll end up committing to as a long-term thing. I'm wondering what upgrades you would recommend for it. I'd start with clipless pedals (though I'm unsure about MTB vs. Road) and then go from there. I know the conventional wisdom is to just save up for a new bike, but short of that option it'd be good to know how to make this one more rideable. The bike's components are listed here: equusbicycle.com/bike/fuji/images/components3.jpg (add www before at the beginning, I can't post links yet!)

Thanks all for the advice for this noob!