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    Where to find Rear Derailleur Cable Barrel Adj. for Shimano 105?

    I can't seem to find these on the internet?

    My rear (Shimano 105) derailleur's barrel adjuster is cracked and needs replacing. Anyone know a source? I'm also looking to re-cable the entire bike, and this might be a good time to do it.

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    ever heard of a bike shop. that would be a good start.

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    you can get them at the LBS faster than looking for that online.. but if you insist, I believe PBK has replacements, they wont' be cheap tho.

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    Google "barrel adjuster"

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    jesus...just about any shop will have a few laying around. how hard is that?
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    the guys at my local LBS gave me one for free when I needed one

    They have many broken parts on a big box to fetch small parts like this for little repairs.

    I wanted to pay for it and they refused.

    I put some money on their tips box.

    but here you have some if you want to buy them online

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