• 02-22-2004
    Wipperman Connex 10 Speed Stainless Chain
    I'm in the market for a new chain for 03' record drivetrain. It's between the Record-ud, Record-udl (drilled), and I just found out about the Wipperman Connex Stainless. Sounds like an awesome chain, rust-proof, easy to remove, but more expensive than either record chain. Can anyone back this product up? There are a couple reviews on this site, but I'd like a second opinion, if possible. Is it lighter than the record chain? Longevity? Thanks!
  • 02-22-2004
    not my favorite...
    I installed one a couple of years ago and removed it after only a few rides. The shifting was OK, but I found the chain to be noisy. If you look at the sideplates, you will see that they do not have the same hourglass shape and chamfered edges as the Campy chain. The Connex link is great though. It works well for joining a Campy chain, although the new Campy HD-L pin is also easy to use, if you don't need to remove the chain. The pin can be installed with a standard Park chain tool. Just drape the chain over the BB rather than the little chainring to eliminate tension on the chain while installing the pin .

    I prefer a Campy chain myself. Don't think it's worth it to pay extra for the hollow pin chain, but for true weight weenie, money is no object.
  • 02-22-2004
    Wipperman link
    I second the llink. Great to have and has never been a problem. I like the record chain with this link. Still cheaper than the Wipperman chain.
  • 02-22-2004
    Live Steam
    The chain does not shift well, but the ....
    link is fantastic. I bought the chain and was disappointed in the shifting. Use a Canpy chain and the Connex link. The link mates perfectly with a Campy chain and allows simple removal of the chain any time you need to clean it or work on the drive train. I put one on all of my bikes - even those with Shimano.
  • 02-22-2004
    I've had good luck with them.....
    I'm on my second Wipperman stainless steel. Previously I ran Campy Ultra Drive's, but my LBS did not have them in stock so I tried a Wipperman. My first chain lasted about 4,100 miles. They make a little noise at first, but quite down after a 100 miles or so. They cost more than Campy chains but come with the Connex Link, which is reusable. The Wipperman's are reported to last 40% longer than the non-stainless chains, so you have to compute the difference in price out to mileage. They are a little tricky to install the first time around, but after you get the hang of it, it's easy (read the instructions). Stay clear of the Wipperman Nickel and Mavic chains. My last chain was a Mavic (made my Wipperman) I think it's a Nickel chain (That's all my LBS had in stock) and it lasted 700 miles. The only thing you have to think about is that chains and cassettes wear together so you might have to swap out both. I haven't so far, but I keep my driveline very clean and lubed and I'm not hard on my equipment. I'm sold on the Wipperman Stainless, but it's just like anything else, some guys swear by something and others are not. If my LBS just kept their inventory up and had what I wanted in stock I would have stuck with Campy. Try to search around for the best prices on the Wipperman, I've seen them o sale from $30-$43. Bottom line is I go by what works for me....
  • 02-22-2004
    I have one on one bike and it seems to perform fine. My LBS sold it to me for 40 bucks and like DINO said it seems to quiet down(or I got used to it) after a while. I got it because my LBS had it on hand and didnt have any Campy chains.