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    Quote Originally Posted by KiloKilo7 View Post
    1. It is just unsettling to me to see fiberglass in a fork. I read so many stories about cheap Chinese carbon makers using low quality materials in bike frames (yes there are some good ones too), and then to find a "corner cut" in a high end frame make me nervous. What other corner(s) did they cut? Comes down to trusting a bean counter with my life.
    And that my friend is why God invented steel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KiloKilo7 View Post
    What causes me even more concern is that when I asked the Ridley seller about the seeming different material in the steerer tube, they said it was just a different color carbon !!!
    Just out of curiousity, was this a bike shop or online? You're sure its a real Ridley?

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