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    Are differences between Speedmax Comp and Speedmax Pro worth the price difference?

    I currently have several sets of tires (Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded for winter commuting, Vredestein tri-comp road tires for warm weather rides) for my Redline Conquest (getting rebuilt after crash). I haven't done any cross races or anything yet but would like to do so in the future and am looking for a good all-around Cross tire.

    I see the Ritchey Speedmax line is pretty affordable and a quick search on the forums here indicate that people are generally happy with them. I noticed there is a Comp and Pro version of the tire (pro is almost twice as much). Besides the difference in weight (476 grams for Comp versus 446 grams for Pro), is there really anything else different to make the Pro version worth the extra money?

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    If it were me and I was just starting I'd go cheap. 30 odd gms isn't going to get you on/off the podium. If you like racing and really want to commit to it, you'll be ditching those and asking which tubies you should get . And if you don't like it, you haven't lost much coin.
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    Thanks for the advise.

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    The pro has the kevlar bead so it folds. Useful if it's a backup tire in storage? The 32mm size is much lighter in the pro (not sure why), listed at 358g vs. 452g for the 32mm comp.

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    I'm not sure if this is still the case, but several years ago the 35 mm Comp had a slightly different tread pattern compared to the 32mm Pro. The 35 mm Comp had a smoother and lower profile center tread. The outer "lugs" were approximately the same size. The 35mm Comp also seemed to be truer to size while the 32mm Pro was more like a 30mm.

    For me the 35 mm Comp didn't have enough center tread for muddy or wet cross races, the 32 mm Pro was fine. My choice was the Michelin Mud Pro2. These are obviously just my personal preferences.

    This was from a few years ago, but tire molds are often slow to change as is distributor stock of low priced items. Hope this helps.

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    I've got a set of the Comps, and I'm pretty darn happy with them. I haven't raced them, but I have taken them on quite a bit of off-road use, and they handle just as well as my MTB tires on the stuff I've attempted...which includes some gravel road rides, sandy and muddy trails, and over a few rocks and roots. They're a little more sluggish on the road than a regular ol' slick tire, but that's to be expected. I've ridden mine for a few months (less hardcore than some, no doubt), and mine still have a little flashing from the mold in the center tread. So, the rubber even on the cheap line is pretty durable.
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    The first road bike I purchased, back in 1990, had wire bead tires. Once I wore through those I purchased tires with kevlar beads. I will never go back to wire bead (non-foldable) clinchers. They tend to be hard to install and remove and they weigh more, sometimes much more, than keval beaded tires. Also, these days, it is mostly lower end tires that have wire beads.

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    I think I will be picking up a set of the Speedmax Pro's. I figured a couple of extra dollars over the long run wouldn't be worth worrying over.

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