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    Looking for SS CX 700c 130mm hub or wheel

    I just got a great deal from on a Swobo Crosby SS/CX bike. ($465)

    So now I want to swap out the SRAM Torpedo hub (a nifty idea, but too complicated - I want a simple flip-flip). I was wondering about opinions on where to buy a SSCX wheel, or whether I should just buy the hub and take apart/re-lace the wheel I have. I have a chance to do this before the snow melts, and then I can eBay the new SRAM Torpedo.

    I haven't found online ads for SS/CX rear wheels. What I've seen for hubs I'm considering are this All-City hub, and this Surly hub.

    Any more suggestions?
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    i have a white industries hub and freewheel on my winter bike, it's godawful expensive but is really nicely made

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    I've had pretty good luck with the Surly 135mm SS hub, I used one for a rear wheel when I first put my cross check together, that was a older style, I now have another rear wheel with a new style Surly 135mm rear hub that sees some use and it's been pretty good also-it's a Flip flop-the older one was Free/free) My newer race rear wheel is a paul hub, but it's nice to have the backup and fixed option.

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