A die hard BMX company building a Cross frame?
Yep. And they really knocked it outta the park!

Chainstays 'Gettin Bent"

Plenty of mud clearance here

Mitering on the bridgeport

Front end done, chainstays going on

2.25" clearance

Ready for powder

Yes Im tall, Yes I need a long Headtube. No im not compensating.

My custom cross frame next to their infamous STA500 (Stronger Than All)

S-Logo bridge

The front end of my second custom 29er

Went off to powder today, its going to be translucent green over raw.. Came out to be 3lbs 13 oz before powder. Pretty stoked for this one too. For those that are curious, in one of the pictures, you can see a couple of other big bikes. They will do anything! All in house! All made in the USA!

For those attending Jingle Cross in Iowa City, it will be there!