Yesterday I installed a new set of Avid Shorty Ultimate canti's on my bike. After all the hype and gushing reviews, I was a little let down. They don't seem to stop any better than the Shimano R550's they replaced, although they are very nicely built, the lever action feels fantastic and the setup was simple. They stop fine--they just don't blow my mind as many reviews led me to believe they would.

That being said, the first ride I took them on last night was in some real nasty down-pouring rain. I expected the brakes not to work at all, but surprisingly the stock SwissStop black pads did real well. I had much more braking in the rain than I expected from stock pads.

Which makes me wonder, if the SwissStop black pads are competent in the rain, are the green pads that much better? How about in dry conditions--are the green pads better than black when it's dry as well?

Anyone used both that can chime in? Wondering if I can eek out any more power from these Avid's once I'm done playing with straddle cable setup. THANKS!

Using alloy rims, btw...