OK, so the way it looks, it seems as if one can run the front der. cable on the top-tube or down the downtube via a braze-on and a guide on the BB. I've had this frame the past two seasons, and because I'm an idjut and a cheap bastard, I would route the cable down the downtube and around the BB using a guide that I stole off my road bike to the Tiagra derailleur that I controlled using a Campy Centaur system. Lots of resistance there, but the shifters didn't really care.

I'm interested in going over the top -- and I'd like advice on doing so. It seems that I need to get a pulley if I don't get a top-swing MTB derailleur, right? Any recommend parts?

I've finally got the funds to build the frame up right -- just need a bit of help here doing so.