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Thread: Dope rhythm...

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    Dope rhythm...

    "I'd watch Heras, maybe if you can dig up last year's Vuelta final TT, or any climb where he helped Lance. That man has some dope rhythm." - the funk

    For some reason I remembered this while riding out of the saddle the other day and did a search of the archives. Prophetic, huh?


    Proper technique on getting out of saddle on climbs
    "Don't those guys know they're old?!!"
    Me, off the back, at my first 50+ road race.

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    The Funk has said many wise things

    Prescient even. Always listen to the Funk. Oh, and always listen to Kerry Irons.

    I used to say the same about czardonic, but he rarely posts here any more.

    "If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts." A. Duritz

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    Dope Rhythm?

    "Break it down to the ounce, to the half, to the quarter, to the eighth, thirty eight don't be f'in up my order"

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