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    Spartacus vindicated

    I'll say up front that I always thought the electric motor allegations were ridiculous.

    Surely this result vindicates what Fabian has been saying all along: the only motor he needs is himself.

    1.6% faster than the next best and 5% faster than some of the cream of world cycling. Bike scanned for motor at finish.

    Given his performance in the classics, looks like he'll be wearing yellow for a few days.

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    I did find it amazing, though, that the officials are now actually X-raying the bikes just to make sure...
    When a cyclist in your area is injured or killed by a motorist, make an extra effort the next day to go for a ride. It doesn't have to be an organized ride, or even a long ride. Hell, ride a 15 minute loop around your neighborhood if you want.

    Just be seen riding your bike.

    Do it to make people aware we're out there. Do it to honor a fellow traveler. Do it because you're lucky enough to still be able to.

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    I wouldn't say it vindicates him at all. UCI has instituted bike scanning because they acknowledge its possible. Cancellara and Saxo would have to have an IQ of zero to try it at the tour de france given that it was announced in advance to be a part of race controls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rubbersoul
    I wouldn't say it vindicates him at all.
    He's vindicated because he won with a large margin, as he did in Flaanderen and PR.

    That motor thing was easily the most ridiculous controversy I've ever seen in sports.

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    I think if he can do the same in stage 3 then he will be vindicated completely. I personally think its all a load of crap. But I guess any thing is possible.

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    Not the most ridiculous thing...

    I'm assuming they are talking about that new system that is installed inside the seat tube, that links into a gear in the BB, turning the crank. The first time I saw the design, I thought, it could be ripe for abuse, because from the outside it looks like there is no motor, it's just one turning the cranks.

    On video it was a bit loud, but I wouldn't put it past anyone, based on the cheating done in SPORTS, in general.

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