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    Fork Advice for My Soho-s

    Currently I am riding a Trek Soho-s & it has the Steel fork 45mm rake.

    Riding style is in town mainly with some Road rides.

    I am considering a Carbon or Aluminum Fork as a upgrade/replacement.

    Please advise as to the advantages/disadvantages of switching to a carbon or alloy fork..
    as far as Handling, comfort etc...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Be aware that a aluminum fork is actually a downgrade from your steel fork.

    If you get carbon, try and get the same rake if you wish to preserve the feel in steering.

    All in all, you should be able to tell the steel from the carbon fork, but to me at least, it's not that significant. Handling is a very personal judgmental thing so I can't answer that.

    If you get a carbon fork, just make sure it has the options you want. I assume fender mounts are in top priority since the Soho are commuters right?
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    Thank You. I was thinking Alloy was a wash.

    The Soho-s leans more towards a "urban" bike. Its the Soho that is more commute oriented. So the fenders are not a concern.

    Greatly appreciate the advice.

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    I just got a Bontrager carbon fork from my lbs for $40 for my Soho S. They had a huge blow out on them, maybe they still have some available at the distributor level...
    It dropped about 1.2 lbs, and the ride is a bit smoother in the front. That stock fork is a beast when you take it off, definitely adequate to beat a rhino to death with or whatever you want to do with it

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    I'd stay with the steel fork. IMO, anything but steel is a downgrade.
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