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    hold my beer n watch this
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    I'm stoked! New Mustache to try out.

    The wife let me go to the LBS unsupervised to get a couple of things looked at.

    While I was there I mentioned I'd like to try a mustache bar out and asked if they might have a used one in back. Nope, but they had a new Nitto RM016. They let me bring it home to try it out on a couple of rides to decide if I want it, plus they priced it online equivalent too.

    I'm looking forward to trying it out tomorrow afternoon. I'll take pix when I decide if the back can handle bars down or if I need to go bars up. I was thinking flipped up to start with but it I mounted in down and rode up and back in the street and it may work. It's sprinkling now with T-storms a few miles away or I'd be riding instead of writing.

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    What the what???
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    Ride that mustache, FlynG!

    I just thought I'd get the obvious joke out of the way.

    Seriously, though, I'm curious to read your impressions and see the pic. It's cool that the LBS let you take one home.
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    Yes, let us know your impression. I'm interested because I thought of myself as someone able to ride anything under any circumstances without complaining—until I tried a mustache bar. My one day (40 miles) on this thing I can only describe as "two thumbs down." What a joke, I gave it away in disgust.

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    hold my beer n watch this
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    Well, I rode it but only long enough to see that I could climb OK. The wind is 15-20 and forecast to hit 30mph this afternoon. Not very relaxing to ride in plus brutal on the climbs into the wind, but I got 16 and change in. So I will try to ride a bit longer soon wx permitting for a better idea of how my back can take the lower riding position. I can see how folks used to riding in the drops may not like the higher position of the mustache bar.

    I mounted the bar down which is lower than I'm used to. It didn't hurt my back or neather regions to be lower than normal for me. I was surprised. I still suspect that I'll flip them up but they look great flipped down. On the plus side the bar end brake lever fit perfect with no cable change needed.

    My hands were a bit numb. But they also get numb on the bullhorns too and on the hoods of my geared road bike. They don't on the SS MTB with Carnagie bars with paddle Ergon grips or on the geared MTB with with low riser bars and Ergon grips with bar ends. Hmmm, I may use some of the old tape and make the grip area fatter.

    Excuse the tape job, I know it isn't centered very well. I just reused to old bullhorn tape since I thought I may be flipping the bars over.
    I'm stoked! New Mustache to try out.-p4225179.jpg

    I'm stoked! New Mustache to try out.-p4225180.jpg

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    Nice bike, buy the bar.
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