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    4th month of biking. 86 miles on my comfy bike - no problem

    Yesterday I rode 55 miles with my Dad at 13.5 mph. I normally do 18 mph or so including some hills and I had plenty of energy left so I did another 30. It really didn't feel like that big of a deal. I bought a cervelo RS in April and I had the saddle changed. this bike is very comfortable and I am going to do a century soon. Should invest in good road shoes? any other prep for a century? whats a good speed for a flat course? would I really notice different wheels if its a flat ride and Im in a pack? thanks for any feedback you might have
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    Sounds like you're ready for a century. 55 miles @ 13.5 takes over four hours... if you're not sore after sitting on a bike going pretty slow for that long, it means it's definitely a good comfy fit.

    Rolling another 30 miles at 18 ish means you have the fitness and endurance needed. Riding a solo century, 18 is is a very solid pace. In a pack, 18 avg will feel super easy.

    Upgrades, sure, you might notice a difference. But they are neither critical nor required.

    Have fun!
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    I've been at for 4+ months as well and completed 62 milers (metric 100's) last three Saturday's in a row. I'm working my way up to 100 mile ride as well. Longest I've been in the saddle is 4.5 hours and body was getting pretty sore, not really any fit issues it was more like endurance issues. The metric 100's i've completed ranged from 14.5 - 16.5 mph pace but that was with over 3,000 feet of climbing and coasting down the hills to rest.

    So far I haven't eaten during my rides and I know that if I'm planning on being out for 6-7 hours I'll need to eat. So the prep would be to make sure you have enough water, food and flat/maint gear for the ride. Shoes are definitely a good investment but plan on going through a learning curve with the clipless thing.

    Don't really worry about the speed for your first 100 miler. Just plan on COMPLETING it. You definitely sound ready for your 100 miler. Good luck and have a great time.

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    just get out and do it. 100 miles sounds a lot worse then it really is, especially if you're with a group of guys that are the same fitness level as you. Just have fun with it!

    p.s. better shoes always help ;D
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