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    Talking any other espoir cat. 3's out there?

    just 21 an cat 3, a senior in college..a tough one too !

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    I'm an aspiring Cat 4 that wants to be a 3. What are the requirements? I heard it was something like 3 top 5 finishes or something requiring points to move up. Can you explain?
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    its all on as far as the points reuirements...its like ten top 10 placing or 3-4 wins. but i really wouldn't recommend upgrading unless you have a least several wins under your belt. cat.3 racing is a huge leap in difficulty from the 4's i used the points from 5 cat 4 races i won to upgrad alng w/ someother placings, and i still got my ass handed to me during my first cat 3 racing season. if your just doing local races, i would recommed doing some traveling to diff races, like crits, TTs, etc..that will look good on your upgrade request. whatever happens just make sure you are plenty strong before moving to the 3's or else you wont have much will just be a fight to hang on the bak.

    p.s. how old are u?

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