After about 3 full weeks of riding on my new 2007 Aprisa Elite 6600, I can honestly say the bike has met all my expectations and even exceeded several of them.

The Aprisa was really easy to assemble since the bottom bracket, stem, both ders and the crankset are already installed when it arrives. They even have all the cables in place. The only thing you have to do is mount the handlebars, pedals and the front brake, and then attach the cable to the front brake.

The bike is really well equipped, with full ultegra group, Ritchey pro cockpit, and carbon seatpost, seatstays and front fork. The carbon does a good job of deadening the vibrations from the alu frame, so it really helps with reducing fatigue, but the Ritchey Pro seat is not made for my size butt (although I'm not that big - 5' 9", 190lbs.).

The top tube on the bike is slightly sloped, giving more top-tube clearance. This is a good thing since it allowed me to the get 54cm frame, instead of the 51. With the 54cm frame I'm able to set my seat lower in the seat-tube, yielding a smaller drop from seat to bars, which makes the bike more comfortable for me.

I installed a brand new Cateye Micro wireless 2 weeks ago, so now I have some statistics for comparison. Incidentally, I initially mounted Cateye Micro sensor on the back wheel, which worked without a rider. But with a rider on the bike it was intermittently losing the signal so I had to move it to the front wheel. This is not as simple as it might sound since the front fork is a thin, wide, aero fork that tapers almost the entire length of the fork. My fear is that the sensor will slide from the wide part of the fork to the narrow part and get caught in the spokes. Something I will have to keep an eye on.

My riding is largely for fitness, I ride 10 miles daily on weekdays before the sun comes up. My ride is on flat paved roads. Compared to my Bianchi hybrid, I am now averaging 2.5MPH faster, and completing my ride about 3.5 minutes faster. However, I am getting some shoulder soreness near the end of the ride, so some adjustment is needed. I still need to get the bike adjusted professionally, which I may be doing this week or next, but in the meantime this is a really good start.

Overall, the bike is really sweet, and it actually looks better in person than in the pictures. I enjoy my rides more now than when I had my Bianchi. I actually look forward now to setting off on my Ibex every morning and seeing if I can top my last ride. I have to say, for $1100, this is a great deal. I'm very glad I went with this bike.