Assos Uno bib shorts have the most range in length in the strap area for tall riders.

Long Story:
I have a pair of Assos F.I. 13S-2 bib shorts ($270) and a pair of the F.I. Uno black shorts ($150).

I am 6'6" with average proportions (torso to legs) and had to have 5 inches of material in the strap area added to the 13 S-2's.

I recently ran across a pair of the Uno black bibs in a local store and tried them. I was expecting to have to have material added to the straps and was surprised to find that I didn't need it.

As for one bib vs. the other, I think the 13's fit better. whether they are worth twice the price is up to you. I bought mine in silver for the hot summer rides and the non-black helps when the morning, but my next pair will probably be Uno's as I don't have to have them tailored.