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    Best way to clean an old bike?

    I'm planning to clean up my father's old (1976) Peugeot road bike. It's been garaged for probably 20 years, collecting (lots of) dust, dirt, etc. (the spokes, for example, are very fuzzy ;-) There's a little rust on the wheels, but not a lot.

    What's the best way to clean this thing? Gentle hosing and rubbing with a cloth? Soap or no soap? Some chemical solution? Simple Green? Citrus cleaner? What's good for rust?

    On a related point, does anyone have any guesses about what's in this stuff?

    I know the bike will likely need new cables, tires, tubes, bar tape, brake pads, tuning, bearings repacked, etc. But for now I'm just trying to figure out the preferred method(s) for cleaning off grime and gunk that's been there for many a year.

    (FWIW, I posted this on the general forum since it's general question that just happens to be about a retro bike. Hope that's ok.)
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    Have a look at Classic Rendezvous

    This is an awesome site with some good eye candy (old school porn). They have a decent page on cleaning and restoration tips:

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    If it has rust on the wheels, it's a cheapo. Don't even bother.
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    Scotch-Brite works really well; fine steel wool is a close second. I'd clean first with SG or something similar to get rid of the dissolvable crud first.

    Your bike has some weird threads & tapers and so parts can be difficult. Check out Sheldon Brown for info on French Bikes and some parts.

    If you don't have some attachment to the bike it might not be worth a lot of work to restore, but it sounds like you do. I have a 79 vintage Pugeot that I keep on the road & have no regrets about doing so even though it's nowhere near the bike my main ride is.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterMo
    Scotch-Brite works really well; fine steel wool is a close second. I'd clean first with SG or something similar to get rid of the dissolvable crud first.
    This is exactly how I've cleaned my project bikes. Very fine steel wool does a great job of removing rust spots, and basically getting chrome finishes back to nearly-new conditions. Simple Green works well for dissolving all the nasty black stuff.

    Post pics when you're done!

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    There are many fine cleaning liquids on the market. I prefer Finish Line Bike Wash only because it has a rust inhibitor to prevent rusting. Some goofs think that just because you have steel wheels you have a piece of junk and that simply is not true especially since all 1976 (and prior) Peugeots from low to high end ALL came with steel wheels!!! However, I would seriously consider replacing those wheels with a set of Aluminum rims so that you will save considerable amount of weight, and if the rims get wet you can stop far quicker then with steel. You can get a pair of Sun rims for about $60 then add spokes and nipples plus labor. You might be able to use the hubs again, but again I think I would try to find something new that will work with the older drivetrain.

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