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    Post Bicycle Culture from Lombard Street to Lucca, Italy

    " a class with scissors and umbrellas"

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    Love Lucca

    I've stayed in Lucca and ridden around its fabled wall. Great cycling town. Thanks for the link. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

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    Neat article. I don't know if my track bike belongs in the same class as scissors and umbrellas... But what do I know?

    I do know that mine belongs in the middle class, the in-class and the advanced class with regard to affordability, appreciation and the elite respectively. What do I know though, I was in a couple "slower classes" in highschool.

    Interesting quote from the article though:

    "In the States, we insist on helmets; in Europe, they design safer environments and teach motorists to respect bicyclists."

    I'd like to know where they got that information and how true it is. I feel as though cyclists do have more respect across the pond but have never really investigated this.

    What a novel idea though; teaching motorists to respect bicyclists... Here in Baltimore you will be bumped off the road or you'll be followed by an ignorant driver who's laying on the horn while you take the right side of the rightmost lane yet keep a safe distance from potential careless door openers. ... I shake my U lock at these animals.

    Good post. Time to get back to work for a few more hours.. then home sweet home.

    Below; my track bike. Scissors and Umbrella absent from photo as they are at class.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bicycle Culture from Lombard Street to Lucca, Italy-bianchi.jpg  
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    urban photography

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