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    Bummed about Tejay in the Giro...

    I have been a Tejay fan for quite some time. Had high hopes for him in the Giro this year. Before the time trial on 5/16, he is 3:56 back. He just seems to falter on the big climbs. Unless there is a major recovery in the Giro, I do not see him as a GC contender going forward.

    Pro cycling is such a difficult sport, and consistent success is elusive for many.

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    Did pretty poor in the TT as well. Sad days for BMC in Italy.
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    There is a thread in Pro Cycling on this:

    New year, same question: What's wrong with TJvG?

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    What channel? I think on Verizon Fios, it's some obscure Italian channel that I don't get.

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    Not a fan of his at all, but I think he could be racking up palmares if he took a reality check: he ought to be in the Tour of California now! He has never been more than a strong climbing domestique material for the Grand Tours. I mean even Valverde knows and is put to good use as a Domestique in GT - and he is definitely more of a GC contender than TVG.

    I am miffed at the guy for not lifting a leg to help Porte in the Tour last year. That is partly on the bad mgmt by the DS, but reading TVG's whiny wee rants it's like he just ain't a team player and everything is about him, despite the fact the man is on a team with a real GT contender.
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    High hopes for TJ are badly misplaced. The window on his potential as a Grand Tour contender closed a couple of years ago. As BC said, he's a 7 day rider and/or super domestique. My son and I have fun every year predicting which stage TJ is going to crack.

    Thumbs down to BMC management for not recognizing this and not making him face the music regarding his limitations. Guess they have to prop up an American rider.

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