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    Cobb saddle reviews

    I have done some searching but haven't come up with any reviews for Cobb saddles. I have bounced some e-mails back and forth with them and have appreciated all the time they have spent answering my questions but would like some real riders input.

    If anyone out there is riding these saddles I would like to know how you like them (or not) We are looking to start doing full century rides this summer and I want to be comfortable all day. I'm 5'7" / 180 lbs and J. Cobbs has recommended the "V flow plus" for me.

    I would appreciate any thoughts from those who have tried this seat.

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    I tried a V Flow + but found it too soft. Cobb was really nice & they are super friendly to work with. They offer a 6 month money back guarantee so it can't hurt to try one.
    One thing is that the saddle looks super weird from the side.
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    I am supposed to be getting one in the next week or so. As soon as I ride I will let you know. My fitter swears by them. He has an entire tri group riding them now.
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    I'd like to know as well, since I'm considering selling them.
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    I have a V-Flow Plus on my TT bike. I tried 4 different saddles before the Cobb that just didn't feel right. The aggressive aero position on the TT bike caused pain and chafing with the other saddles but the Cobb saddle has solved that problem. I rode the TT bike 30+ miles today with at least 20 in the aero position without any pain or problems. This saddle may feel too soft for some but it is very comfortable for me.

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    I just Googled Cobb saddles & found a review site.
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    Love my V-flow plus on my ride bike. Several century rides completed with no issues whatsoever. Cobb has a big following among triathletes but several roadies in my riding group swear by Cobb saddles. Once I tried the V-flow plus, I loved it. As someone mentioned above, you have plenty of time to try it and return it if you don't like it so you really don't have anything to lose.

    Cobb just came out with some mountain bike saddles. Anyone tried them?

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