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    Comic Strip Poking Fun

    Comic Strip Poking Fun-tm_c130502.gif

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    Excellent. I just registered at GoComics. I am very impressed with the site. Comics were about the only thing I missed when I stopped getting paper news.

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    Nailed it.

    I'm afraid we've all been outed ;-)
    We are far from pefect,
    But perfect as we are
    We are bruised, we are broken,
    But we are goddamn works of art
    Works of art

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    My turn
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    If your opinion differs from mine, ..........Too bad.
    How would you like it if Hitler killed you


    Buying parts to hang on your bike is always easier than getting fit.

    If you feel wimpy and weak, get out and train more, ya wee lassie!

    If Jesus had a gun, he'd be alive today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR_GRUMPY View Post
    My turn
    You of all people with the ceramic bearing comic.

    I love it. Bravo!

    You know they invented bikes just to use ceramic bearings, right? Or something like that.

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