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    CycleOps Tempo Fluid vs Fluid 2

    Does anyone know the difference between the CycleOps Tempo fluid trainer and the CycleOps Fluid2 trainer? I have searched the internet and can't find anyplace to compare the two and determine the difference. Since the site does not show the Tempo, I'm thinking maybe the Tempo is an older model? I just purchase the Tempo at Performance and now wondering if maybe I bought an old discontinued trainer. They sell them both but were unable to tell me what the differences might be - other than the fact that a video came with the Fluid2. Any info would be appreciated.

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    I use the CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer and like it. It's pretty quiet, smooth and well, has nice resistance that increases with faster pedaling.

    Not sure about the Tempo but hey, if it works nicely for you and has no troubles, then IMHO, don't bother. Good luck with it and have fun! I know I do with mine. (albeit I don't use it much) FWIW, my Fluid 2 DIDN'T come with a video

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