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    Does Huffy make a Bulldozer attachment?

    This is intersection of very busy and heavily congested routes. Brighton Ave at Harvard St played host to Imma Pretentious DS DB.

    Like many of you, I drive and I cycle. I'm more than patient but my shithead tolerance is very very low. Given I was trying to bike through this area and these DB's were doing their circles, I'd drop my head like Lawrence Taylor and smash into them like a 7/10 split.
    Had I been in a car, I surely wouldn't dilly dally waiting for these clowns, I'd drive right through. If I manage to hit a few, then I'd love a chance to go into litigation with them.

    edit to add:

    there's a few korean restaurants in this area. Id run in, buy as much kimchi as they'd let me, and start throwing that at them. yes. that sounds quite fun. smelling like fermented cabbage on your ride back home doesnt sound so grand
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    What a bunch of jackasses.

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    That's the future of our country right there on those bikes.

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    Advocacy through hostility. Brilliant!

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