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Thread: Exustar Pedals

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    Exustar Pedals

    I am interested to know if any of you have had experience with the Exustar road pedals. I am especially interested in the ti model which as a pair weigh around 180 grams. That is lighter even than the ti model of the Keo Blade.

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    Ti spindles typically have weight limits. I'd personally never ride pedals with weight limits. What's the price different between the Exustar and Look pedals?

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    I've been on my 200ti pedals for over 1000 miles, probably closer to 1500 at this point. I was so impressed w/ them I bough cheaper ones for my indoor and rain/winter bikes. My ti pedals came in at 176g for the pair.

    I switched over from time iclics and I find the engagement much more positive. When youre in, youre in, unlike w/ the iclics where you could be "half-in". Thus far they've been extremely solid and I have no intention of going for one of the "name brands", I got mine for around $200-210 shipped.

    Cleats are also dirt cheap! I don't know what people are complaining about- if you walk on them, well, that's not what they're meant for. Otherwise they work just fine (for $10 a set, even if they only lasted half as long it's still a good deal).

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    The cheapest I have found Look Ti Blade pedals is around $275 shipped. The Exustar, like the previous poster stated, I can find for around $215. I weigh around 155 lbs. so a weight limit is not a concern for me.

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    Are these the Look Delta version?
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