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    Front derailleur cable frayed at the tip...

    Was just finishing installing some new shifters and after a frustrating brake cable fray from an old cable I ended rushing I guess to finish up before it was to late. I hooked everything back up and tested out the shifters to make sure everything was golden. In a rush I snipped the new derailleur cable with some tension on it. The cable from the derailleur clamp screw to the tip split. I twisted the cable back and then put a cable crimp on.

    So the question is.... Is my brand new derailleur cable shot or should I just forget about it and change it out later on. The cable its self looks fine and its shifting no problem will testing out the shifts. I cut the wire with tension so I guess my force + tension = bad combo. Guess I know to make sure I dont do that again. After I twisted it back it held even before I crimped it. I just dont know how reliable it will be 30 miles from home x.x

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    it should be fine, especially since you said it held w/o the tip. the part that matters isn't frayed, it's under the anchor bolt.
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    I did something similar that resulted in a frayed tip on my front derailleur cable the day I put my bike together. I stuffed the frayed part under the crimp and its been going strong with no problems for almost 2,000 miles now.
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    Thanks! No I don't feel so bad about it. Yeah I mid thought thinking "yay finished!" Then right before my eyes cable just went splat. Kind of just put the icing on the cake for destroyed brake cable, ripped handlbar tape lucky me I had back ups of both. I still have the rear derailleur cable so I could always snip the tip and still run that if needed I guess.

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    No problem now, other than if you ever want to pull and reinstall that cable.

    A bit of superglue on the cable end will hold it tight. You can do that before installing, so long as you let it dry. For cables that are already frayed, just twist it back together and put a bit of glue on it. A small bit, it will wick into the cable. This ounce of prevention keeps away a pound of pain when dealing with cables, ime.

    If you want to try this with your cable that is frayed (and retwisted) from clamp to tip, make sure the cable tip is pointed DOWN. The glue will wick up, but you don't want an extra drop to hit that derailleur clamp, or any excess to get in there, that's for sure.

    Old school way was to solder it, btw. And with that or glue, a VERY little goes a long way.
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    I have to try the glue, but for now I have some masking tape holding it from fraying further, and keeping the sharp end from poking my fingers.

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    Last time I replaced cables, I wrapped electrical tape around the cable then cut through the tape. Kept a nice clean cable which I then crimped. Less messy and risk of gumming something up from my perspective.
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    I use heat shrink tubing occasionally when I happen to be out of cable crimps. It works pretty well. The smallest size I've found at Lowe's isn't quite as small as I'd like, but it does fine if you shrink a piece onto the cable then shrink another piece over that.

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