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    Garmin 810 users, how do you get routable courses from the Garmin Connect app

    Hi all,

    I've been trying to get my newly purchased 810 to do one simple thing... Give me turn-by-turn directions on a course that I draw out from Right now all I get is the virtual partner on my map along with my triangle.

    I understand that I need to be using TCX files, but is there a reason why my mobile app isn't sending them through bluetooth?

    I have the OSM right now, but will be buying City Navigator today at some point.

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    Don't use Garmin Connect. It exports courses as .fit which doesn't include turn by turn. Go figure... the company who makes the product, with the feature... doesn't support the feature.

    Use Map your route, export the .tcx file. You'll then get the turn by turn cue sheet.

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    That's so ridiculous... But atleast I have my answer. I sincerely hope that Garmin fixes this because phone->810 data transfers are so convenient.

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    I don't have the 810, but I have the 800 and use garminconnect to plan out routes all of the time. Make sure that turn-by-turn guidance is turned on in your unit. For the 800, you select a course, the map comes up (with a green Go button in the lower right corner. Click on the Wrench icon on the left, and make sure Turn Guidance is turned on.

    I have made that mistake a few times.

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    I had this same question. If you search my posts you can find the thread. I forgot how to do it exactly but it works pretty well.

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    Lostpixels - Definitely can confirm that when you use city navigator maps you are able to get TBT as that is exactly what i get on my 810, though I would concur with other poster that using RideWithGPS is way better than GC.

    Now before you get too excited you may want to check the Garmin forums on course navigation with the 810 as there is a whole heap of problems all of us are experiencing with this thing and no FW fixes so far have stopped them from happening.

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